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Ayu - Bali Beans

With the theme Heroes, Ubud Food Festival 2020 Presented by ABC highlights figures behind the Indonesian culinary scene, who play a significant role in nourishing Indonesia’s gastronomic world. For our sixth year, we want to recognize and celebrate the people behind the extraordinary flavors and evolving stories of Indonesia’s culinary landscape says our Founder & Director Janet DeNeefe. For the third installment of our Local Heroes series, we speak to Ayu Sudana, Managing Partner of Bali Beans in Badung, Bali.

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Once upon a time in the misty green hills of Bali, there was a wonderfulcoffee farmowned by a lovely Sudana family. Please dont be mistaken! It was not only some ordinary coffee plantation with hundreds of tourists andovergrowncoffee trees. This family business is serious their own coffee is organic and grown on 2 hectares of carefully maintained soil. Then it is thoroughly processed, roasted and brewed right in front of your eyes.


Everybody loves a good cup of coffee right The rich, smooth feel of something so perfectly brewed you cant help but hold the mug just that much closer Well as much as we all love the final product, we dont often get to find out where it comes from. And even less often see where it comes from. Generally, we all know it comes from a farm, but a farm can mean any number of generic things.


A story of Mrs. Wayan Sari, a female coffee farmer from Belok Sidan Village who has dedicated her life for growing organic Bali Beans Coffee since 1981. We will look into her family collaboration and opinions in tackling the climate change with Balinese traditional values and ancient wisdoms.


If you have visited Bali Beans coffee plantation, you will notice that their coffee trees are growing haphazardly around the terrain, in amongst taller trees which provide them with shade. Although it would seem that this would only serve to make harvesting the beans more difficult, as Ayu explained to me, the benefits of growing

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