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Below are the retail prices for our roasted coffee beans available across Indonesia. 

However, if you are a local or international coffee shop, restaurant, hotel or distributor please email us at for our wholesale price inclusive of delivery.


There are 3 predominant ways coffee has been traditionally processed:

Washed coffees are all about the beans because they depend mostly on how much natural sugar and nutrients they have absorbed during the growing cycle. Washed process highlights the true character of single origin beans like ours, and that’s why so many speciality coffees are processed this way.

Natural or dry-process can be considered the most eco-friendly way of processing coffees. Basically, the fruit is left on the beans, and stays that way until the coffee dries. Though dry-process coffees need very little investment, they require specific climatic conditions, so that fruits and seeds dry in time. At Bali Beans, we believe this process brings out some of the most flavourful coffees, with interesting tasting notes and characteristics.

Yep, you’ve guessed it, it’s like someone added a dollop of fresh honey and caramelized chocolate in your morning cuppa, without the calories. Although the name honey-processed actually comes from how sticky the beans can be during processing and not from their sweet rich flavour. The cherry peel of the coffee is removed, but part of the fleshy inside, or the mucilage, is left on the beans when they dry, which means they are often left rounded in sweetness with a complex mouthfeel.

We handle all these major types of processing in our facility. Essentially, the tasting notes of the coffee can vary significantly depending on the type of processing it undergoes. Apart from the above common processing methods, at Bali Beans we are proud of our signature processing styles. Also, we are constantly experimenting on new ways to enhance the amazing flavours of our coffee beans.


At Bali Beans, we wake up in the mornings, bright and early, looking for wild civet cat droppings under the trees they call home. We collect them whilst they are still fresh and we process them in small batches, before roasting these unique beans to perfection. Nothing much has changed since 1985, except now, we have included you on our guest list! Our premium Coffee Luwak is a gift from us the Sudana family for people who like to try something a little different.

Know more about the story of our premium Coffee Luwak here.


Prefer to roast your own coffee? We have a variety of green beans you can buy directly from our farmers – a true ‘Direct Trade’ experience.

We are a coffee farmer who took the step to export ourselves and now control the entire value chain from the plants to your doorstep of your roastery (without intermediaries). Please drop us an email if you have an enquiry for a large quantity as we will be able to provide a quote inclusive of shipping costs.


When it comes to a great cup of coffee it is not just the growing techniques, processing methods plus roasting which matter, but it is also essential to serve your drink using the right machinery.

At Bali Beans we are proud to work with Fracino, who are the UK’s multi award-winning manufacturer of cappuccino and espresso coffee machines.

The Fracino espresso coffee machines are not simply assembled using components sourced from suppliers around the world; but instead utilise the latest technology manufacturing systems with 90% of all components being locally sourced and assembled in their Birmingham UK engineering factory. The British craftsmanship and British materials combine to produce exceptional quality plus reliability in a model range designed to offer its owners a very long service life.

As their exclusive Indonesian partner, we stock all models of Fracino machines and in some instances can even arrange for a custom design or colour scheme depending on your requirements. View More.

Our Support

At Bali Beans we put our customers at the heart of everything we do as we continually strive for excellence in customer service.

Our top class Technical Support team will supply a specific solution to your individual service requirements.

Call us today on +62 878 2450 5018 or email us at

When it comes to service we really do have it all:


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