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How do you like your coffee? Black? Strong? Filtered? As an espresso shot perhaps, or the most-wanted cappuccino! Millions of cups of coffee get consumed in a variety of ways each day, but very few of us spare a thought for the humble beans and the farmers who make it all possible.

Want to live the ‘Crop to Cup’ experience? Check out our “Bali Beans Journey’ to know more!

This is your chance to meet us and help in harvesting, processing and roasting the perfect specialty Balinese coffee which people cherish each day. Also, while you are at it, enjoy the panoramic Kintamani views, learn about our organic produce and understand how we keep our plantations eco and organically friendly.

Bali Beans - #WeGrow


Not only do we have the perfect altitude, coupled with excellent weather and volcanic soil conditions for premium arabica coffee plants to grow, but at Bali Beans we also focus on growing coffee in the most environmentally friendly way in natural tree shaded plantations without the use of any chemicals. This is in keeping with the Balinese philosophy of ‘Tri Hita Karana’ (3 principles – harmony amongst people, harmony with nature, harmony with god). We are constantly proving that we can stay traditional in our beliefs and the way we protect our environment, while being innovative in the way we grow and harvest our beans, that are perfect for modern brewing techniques.

Bali Coffee Farming


Bali Beans is part of a collection of local farmers organised into a traditional group called “Subak Abian”. These groups historically have acted as rural cooperatives and over the years we have shared each others experiences and knowledge to help perfect the best coffee growing techniques, all in the most environmentally friendly chemical free way.

Our speciality Balinese coffee requires high quality soil at the right altitude, correct temperatures and the perfect amount of rainfall plus sunlight to ensure high yielding harvests. However, climate change is real and we along with our fellow farmers have been experiencing changes in rainfall patterns over recent years. These shifting weather patterns have made it increasingly challenging for us, the farmers, when it comes to deciding the best times to plant crops with the erratic weather often leading to lower harvests.

Nevertheless, by sticking together in our Subak Abian and using the knowledge we have gained from traditional environmentally viable coffee farming techniques, we’ve managed to protect our land and therefore our crops from the adverse weather without the need for chemical assistance. An example of this was us recently all agreeing to plant more trees to help drain the soil in times of higher rainfall but also help to shade the coffee plants during periods of intense sunlight.

Apart from focusing on best coffee growing techniques, all in the most environmentally friendly chemical free way, we put our heart and soul into growing our farming community in an ethical manner. We are attentive towards the needs of our fellow farmers, and we do everything it takes to involve them throughout each and every single aspect of coffee production. Growing the next generation of farmers involves education, training and a change in mindset in ever challenging environmental conditions.

Coffee Processing


At Bali Beans, we have custom built a processing facility which allows people to learn about coffee and the individuals behind it. Our fully independent production facility also gives us a firm control over the quality of coffee we share with our customers.

There are 3 predominant ways coffee has been traditionally processed: Washed, Natural plus Honey and we handle all these major types of processing in our facility. Essentially, the tasting notes of the coffee can vary significantly depending on the type of processing it undergoes.


Washed coffees are all about the beans because they depend mostly on how much natural sugar and nutrients they have absorbed during the growing cycle. Washed process highlights the true character of single origin beans like ours, and that’s why so many speciality coffees are processed this way.


Natural or dry-process can be considered the most eco-friendly way of processing coffees. Basically, the fruit is left on the beans, and stays that way until the coffee dries. Though dry-process coffees need very little investment, they require specific climatic conditions, so that fruits and seeds dry in time. At Bali Beans, we believe this process brings out some of the most flavourful coffees, with interesting tasting notes and characteristics.


Yep, you’ve guessed it, it’s like someone added a dollop of fresh honey and caramelized chocolate in your morning cuppa, without the calories. Although the name honey-processed actually comes from how sticky the beans can be during processing and not from their sweet rich flavour. The cherry peel of the coffee is removed, but part of the fleshy inside, or the mucilage, is left on the beans when they dry, which means they are often left rounded in sweetness with a complex mouthfeel.


Apart from the above common processing methods, at Bali Beans we are proud of our signature processing styles. Also, we are constantly experimenting on new ways to enhance the amazing flavours of our coffee beans. Get in touch with us to know more!

Coffee Roasting


The quality of the coffee beans highly depends on their altitude, tree variety and weather, but as far as flavour and aroma is concerned, it’s only after roasting that you will be able to experience the unique characteristic of the beans. Roasting is what transforms green beans into the aromatic brown beans that we are all familiar with.

There are only a few places in the world like Bali Beans which allow you to experience a roastery set right in the middle of a coffee plantation. The roasting facility you will visit when you join us on our “Bali Beans Journey” is strategically located to connect you with our fellow farmers and nature.

For years, we the Sudana family have been roasting coffee beans the traditional way, but in order to accommodate the increasingly high demand for premium Balinese coffee, we invested in a top-quality Giesen W15 machine, imported directly from the Netherlands which allows us to get the best possible flavour profiles from our beloved beans. This machine comes with a computerised system enabling us to monitor the consistency of the individual unique roasts we create for our customers, depending on their preferred profile requirements, by controlling the internal temperature of the beans to draw out their natural, fragrant oil (caffeol) to augment their aroma, acidity, sweetness and other characteristics.

During our “Bali Beans Journey”, you can sample our various roast profiles, so let’s see if you can tell the difference!

Coffee Delivery


We deliver on our promise to get the most premium Balinese coffee right to your doorstep! Whether you are a coffee addict, a newbie just getting interested in the delicious beverage or if you simply want to have the best cuppa to wake you up in the morning, Bali Beans ensures that you are in for a real treat.

Choose from our variety of beans, select the processing method and your preferred roast profile which best suits you, whether ground or whole beans, our job is to make your coffee journey wholesome.

If you wish to take things to the next level, we offer barista camp and barista training or coffee roasting programmes which could enable you to gain future employment in the coffee industry.

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