About Bali Beans


Every cup of Bali Beans is a testament to our core values.






From crop to cup, we serve you premium Balinese coffee!

We know that you do not compromise in quality, fine taste and pure goodness, and that’s why we know you’ll love Bali Beans Coffee.

Build upon the bedrock of passion, integrity, loyalty and sustainability, the ‘Crop to Cup’ experience we provide you is focused on conserving our environment, as we support our local farmers and their long-term success. We serve our community each time we serve you a premium cup of Bali Beans coffee.

Our mission is to supply and serve organic and superior Balinese coffee to not only wholesale distributors, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants around the world, but to you directly as well. We are able to achieve this by engaging in ethical and fair-trade farming and consumer practices.


People with dreams become brands with vision.

Brands with a vision often begin as individuals with dreams.

When we started Bali Beans, we had a single dream – to make organic and premium Balinese coffee accessible and affordable to every coffee lover across the world. Our 30-year journey has proven to us that dreams are possible when we work closely with nature, while keeping the well-being of our farmers close to our hearts.

Each time you sip a cup of freshly brewed organic Bali beans coffee, we are improving lives one cup at a time, by not only conserving the environment, but by consistently ensuring more dreams like ours come true.


Where ancient wisdom meets innovation.

Our premium coffee is grown by local Balinese farmers who practice the ‘Subak Abian’ method of farming, which means they work together in a local co-operative, to support one another and to share knowledge and resources. Subaks live by the Balinese Hindu philosophy of ‘Tri Hita Karana’ (the three sources of prosperity), which states that the relationship between three elements can bring peace and happiness. Those three elements are God, man and nature.

At Bali Beans, we understand the significance of this relationship and consistently follow the ‘Subak Abian’ farming practice in order to align ourselves with nature.

Growing coffee this way means that our farmers never incorporate synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides or other harmful chemicals that could disrupt the delicate balance that exists in nature, and they strive to align themselves with the natural cycles of coffee production.


It all began with passion…

50 years ago, an Indonesian youngster stays up late into the night, watching over meat cuts waiting to be loaded into ship. His boss, a Dutch businessman walks up to the youngster and hands over a cup of warm drink to perk him up. That cold, dark night, as Nyoman Sudana savoured his first-ever cup of coffee, little did he imagine himself to one day become the founder of the world-renowned Bali Beans coffee.

Nyoman could have been born into a family of rice farmers, but as the youngest amongst his 12 siblings, he was led by his thirst to seek adventures. At a young age, Nyoman had already set his eyes on getting the world to experience the best the land of Bali has to offer. He started traveling across the island of Bali to source the best cuts of beef, and worked under a Dutch businessman to export meat to neighbouring countries.

Impressed by Nyoman’s dedication, the businessman often handed the Balinese youngster cups of hot coffee made out of the most exquisite beans he had collected during his travels. Stirred by the intense taste and the variations in flavours, Nyoman took a keen interest in coffee. And by sharing with Nyoman a handful of roasted beans each day, from different corners of the world, the Dutchman kept Nyoman’s interest piqued.

Nyoman had found his passion – coffee! With his newfound knowledge and understanding of the beans, Nyoman set for himself a goal – to produce authentic, organic coffee in the rich soils of Bali and share it across seas. However, his intense desire alone wasn’t enough to help him convince his parents to turn their family-owned rice fields in to coffee plantations; he needed the backing of love!


Love Meets Passion...

Young Wayan Sari understood the potential of her ancestral rice fields. The fields were enriched like none other by the volcanic soil of Kintamani Highlands, and Wayan Sari was certain that this was the perfect environment to produce premium coffee. As she pursues her research, she meets a young Balinese man who shares her own interest. Excited by the youngster’s enthusiasm, Wayan Sari shares with Nyoman Sudana a coffee sapling from her own farm, and they both fall deeply in love.

After their marriage, Nyoman and Wayan planted their first coffee tree together in 1981 and wait 4 years for their first harvest, that coincided with the arrival of their daughter, Ayu Sudana. A double celebration in 1985!

Year after year, Bali Beans plantations yielded excellent harvests, and there was no looking back. Nyoman’s natural salesmanship and Wayan’s understanding of their farmland elevated coffee farming in the region to unprecedented standards and Kintamani Highlands soon got recognised as the crown jewel of Bali.

Inspired by their joint enthusiasm and the rich nature of Bali, the Sudana couple, for 30 years have been sharing their love for coffee with the rest of the world.



Surely it’s no coincidence that the Managing Partner of Bali Beans was born the same year the plantation got its first coffee harvest!

As a child, Ayu’s world revolved around coffee. Along with books, each morning Ayu packed in a change of clothes, only so she can get to the plantation directly after school to help her parents pick ripe coffee cherries. On weekends, Ayu was there in the plantations right before anyone else, so she can get her hands on fresh wild Luwak droppings (Read More – Luwak Coffee). The earlier she’s there – sometimes with a friend to lend a helping hand – the more beans she can gather, and the more pocket money she gains to make!

As years went by, Ayu’s parents started trusting her with the day-to-day supervision of the plantations. She was a natural. As she spent more time with the Bali Beans farmers and workers, she learned from her wisdom, experienced their passion for life and understood the traditional Balinese farming values.

The immersive coffee farming grounding gained during her childhood, combined with her father’s passion for travel and her mother’s concern for environmental conservation – these values currently drive Ayu’s dreams to get premium Balinese coffee to all corners of the world, in the most sustainable way possible.


So go ahead and taste the goodness of superior, hand-crafted Balinese coffee…

Strengthened by their commitment to the environment, Bali Beans farmers and workers are deeply involved at every stage of our farming process – from planting coffee saplings to handpicking ripe cherries, all the way to drying, roasting and packaging of premium coffee beans. Guided by the ancient Balinese wisdom, our farmers practice ethical methods of coffee production that not just the protects the local habitat, but seeks to restore balance and harmony in our lives that are naturally intertwined with earth.


Try a cup of organic Bali Beans coffee today!

Recognising the knowledge, dedication, hard work and commitment of team of Bali Beans, the Government of Indonesia is actively helping us further our business plans. By funding the procurement of machinery and processing equipment, they are supporting our vision and facilitating our growth.

This support, together with our deep passion for authentic coffee has helped us build a fully independent production facility, that has a firm control over the quality of coffee we share with our every cup.

Our efforts to innovate is constantly awarded.
In 2008, our Kintamani Arabica Coffee received the Geographical Indication (GI) certification, that guarantees the highest of standards of quality, of this variety of coffee.