Wild Coffee Luwak

The ultimate luxury in the world today, was seen as a choice gift for special occasions by us. More than 30 years ago, when the founders of Bali Beans, the Sudana family, started collecting faeces of the civet cat (luwak) from their plantations, it wasn’t to earn a profit; these special beans were revered as presents. We washed, hand-processed and roasted coffee beans found in civet cat waste, only so our guests can enjoy Kopi Luwak at traditional Balinese gatherings and weddings. To young Ayu Sudana, the current Managing Partner of Bali Beans, it was all an adventure – the early morning hikes through our plantations, looking under trees for fresh luwak scats and collecting them in exchange for pocket money from her parents.

Today, Kopi Luwak has earned its bad repute due to the few farmers who have been engaged in the cruel practice of using captive luwaks for coffee production. At Bali Beans, we still wake up in the mornings, bright and early looking for wild luwak droppings under the trees they nest in. We handpick their scats while they are still fresh, much like how young Ayu Sudana did, and we process them in small batches – this is the story of our premium Coffee Luwak.

By keeping the luwaks genuinely wild and cage-free as they roam our plantations, we contribute to a sustainable livelihood for our farmers. Keeping up with our organic culture, we are able to provide smallholders with a superior product, that helps conserve our traditional treasure, the natural forest habitat of the Kintamani region and gift you with premium Coffee Luwak.

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