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Roasted Coffee Beans

Below are the retail prices for our roasted coffee beans available across Indonesia. However, if you are a local or international coffee shop, restaurant, hotel or distributor please email us at for our wholesale price inclusive of delivery.
  • Natural Process: Sudana Family

    Rp 150,000Rp 380,000
  • Full Washed Process: Kintamani

    Rp 70,000Rp 230,000
  • Full Washed Process: Plaga Women

    Rp 80,000Rp 250,000
  • Full Washed Process: Sudana Family

    Rp 100,000Rp 280,000
  • Black Honey Process: Sudana Family

    Rp 120,000Rp 350,000
  • Cascara: Sudana Family 100g

    Rp 100,000

Wild cofee luwak

Green beans


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