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We are sure you do not compromise in quality, fine taste and pure goodness, and that’s why we know you will love Bali Beans Coffee.

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We, the Sudana family, have been growing coffee since 1985 on our organic coffee plantations located in the famous coffee growing region of the Kintamani Highlands, North East Bali, Indonesia. This is the primary coffee growing area of the island due to the altitude being between 3,200 and 3,900 ft, coupled with the excellent weather and volcanic soil conditions.

Premium arabica coffee plants thrive in this environment and have been providing plentifully harvests since 1985 to our family, along with a collection of fellow local farmers organised into a traditional group called “Subak Abian”.

In Bali these groups historically have acted as rural cooperatives, combining resources plus knowledge to help each other throughout the operational farm management and post-harvest processes. Our Subak Abian remains traditional in its beliefs and by acting as one community, it greatly helps to facilitate the sale of coffee.

Over the years, we have worked hard to educate fellow farmers in our Subak Abian to move away from commodity coffee into higher quality more sustainable speciality coffee production. This involves less intensive farming practices which are better for the environment and healthier for the farmers plus the community as a whole. By growing, processing and roasting our own beans, we ensure we have control over every step of the coffee journey and we established our brand “Bali Beans” with the company moto being “From Crop to Cup” to reflect our commitment to direct trade.

This is seen by the fact we don’t have to sell through middle men and can instead directly connect ourselves along with our fellow farmers to our consumers, whilst not compromising on making the freshest coffee available.

Now you can enjoy our amazing coffee by visiting the Bali Beans facility overlooking our coffee plantation, or one of the many outlets who are serving our coffee. If you are interested  to brew our coffee at home you can purchase our products online (Indonesia only) and we will deliver them straight to your door.

For wholesale or international distribution please send your enquiry to

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What They say


Barry Williams

Fantastic specialty coffee (espresso and latte) roasted on site. I also got to try delicious cascara (dried coffee fruit) tea which I have wanted to for a while. They also have a great selection of coffee books and I picked up some local single origin beans quite cheap

Jakub Kapušňák

Check their Instagram @balibeanscoffee first because that will surely make you want to come here so bad! Family run business, organic coffee and well prepared all kinds of coffee right in the middle of their plantation. It's like a dream to come here for anyone who loves coffee.

Nahla Abdul Wahab

An absolutely breathtaking experience a heavy with culture and familial influence at the forefront. 5 stars all the way! 🙂 xo ❤❤

Rex Sumner

Wonderfully different coffees. As we visited in the afternoon, rather than give us normal coffee, we received light, fragrant coffees more similar to tea and most suitable for the afternoon. There is also a tea made from coffee rind, a starting yet pleasing taste.


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